Make a difference in a rescue dog's life - become a New Leash On Life Foster Parent!

Foster care is an integral part of New Leash on Life Chicago. We try to place all of our dogs into caring temporary homes as we search for the perfect forever home! Our foster care program allows us to learn more about our dogs and enables us to make better long-term matches. Fostering is also an ideal way for people to get their "dog fix" without making a lifetime commitment! Remember, the more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save together!

When you foster a dog or puppy for NLOL Chicago, you are opening your home and heart to a homeless animal in need. By agreeing to foster, you save the life of an animal that would otherwise have little hope of getting out of the shelter alive. There is nothing more satisfying than the rewarding experience of watching your foster dog blossom into a wonderful pet - due mostly to your generosity and personal commitment to save his or her life!

Watch this video to learn more about fostering with New Leash on Life - Chicago.

Fostering a NLOL dog entails caring for a homeless animal and providing him/her with food, water, appropriate exercise, and LOTS of love! New Leash On Life Chicago provides all dog food, veterinary care, basic supplies such as collar, leash, and crate, and guidance while we actively seek a permanent and appropriate home for the dog. Your foster dog may initially be scared or confused, as they have all been abandoned or displaced by circumstances entirely out of their control. We ask that you treat the dogs as you would your own pet, understanding that you may need to have extra patience with them. For some of these dogs, your home may be the first place they have ever been treated kindly!

If you have the love, dedication and time to take on the extremely rewarding challenge of becoming a foster parent, please fill out our online Foster Application or email A New Leash On Life Chicago foster coordinator will contact you within 48 hours to go over your application and possibly determine which of our dogs would be the best match for you.

In order to become a NLOL Chicago foster parent, you must be 21 years of age or older, complete our Foster Application and screening process, and agree to a home visit. We also require that your foster dog come to at least one adoption event a month, for which NLOL can provide transportation if needed.

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Foster application

We ONLY place our animals in-state within 60 miles of Chicago. If you do not live in one of these areas please do not fill out an application. We DO NOT allow our animals to be shipped. 

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Sometimes group training classes help our dogs become more confident and learn basic obedience skills which will set them up for success in their future adoptive home. NLOL pays for all training for dogs in foster care and can provide transportation for the dog and foster.
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