Happy Endings - Whiskey

Here's a fun and fashionable #happyending to keep you warm on this cold winter evening.

Remember Whiskey? We could tell she was sassy and fun the moment we met her at the shelter. She gave an epic side eye while sticking out her tongue during her freedom ride and we know she would fit in just fine around here!

As Whiskey got healthy in different foster homes, her fun personality started to come out more and more. We knew it wouldn't take long for someone to fall in love with our gorgeous girl, and luckily we were right! Her new parents are smitten:

"It was about an hour into our first night with Whiskey when we knew we were in love! It has been so fun to watch her explore the world with her excited and silly attitude. She loves cuddling on the couch, poking her wet nose into everything, destroying toys, and getting loved on in every way! She already has a growing wardrobe and shows it off joyfully. We couldn’t be happier with our new four-legged family member and to be her forever home!"

(Let's talk about that wardrobe though!!! We couldn't pick there were so many great pictures.)

What a beautiful perfect family. Thank you for giving sweet Whiskey girl the love she deserves!