The Adventure Seeker - Adoptable Inky!

Meet Inky, a happy-go-lucky boy seeking a strong leader and active companion. Inky is a vibrant dog that loves to work for his affection – you just need to be strong enough to make him do so! He’s an enthusiastic, high energy pup that needs someone to help him channel his lively personality traits into positive behaviors. Inky is currently in training, where he’s working on learning some manners and being calm and well behaved in the house.

Inky’s ideal adopter is very active, who has the ability to allot Inky tons of playtime. He’d definitely thrive in a home with a yard and is looking a confident leader that is not afraid to correct him appropritely if he needs it. If this is done you will only see the sweet side of inky, who loves to smoosh his head into you and cuddle up to you, kissing your face. If you aren't able to wait for polite manners and back up your commands he can become bossy/bratty. This is why he comes with private training lessons so you know how to maintain his sweet, affectionate, demeanor. Inky may be the perfect pup for you if you’re experienced with dogs, if you’re looking for a best friend to join you on outdoor escapades or if you’re high energy and in need a jogging buddy. Inky loves to stay by his human on adventures and loves dog parks. He behaves very well with the other dogs and will stay near. He needs someone that will follow through to help him maintain the good behaviors he’s been learning. If you think you can help Inky mind his manners and need a partner in crime for adventures, look no further.